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I've been busy on some portraits which are not for general consumption. So I've gone back to some shots that I've taken and haven't been able to find a place for in the theme that I've made for a blog. 

First of all, just to show you what you're missing these next two shots are of the beach in Hua Hin and another just down the road which is near an army living area. The first shot is for the cyclists among you who battle London or any other city traffic every day. A glimpse of what you could be doing if you ventured further afield.  

Now the army area beach which is frequented a lot by Thai tourists and not so many ex pats, mostly those that live around the area. The sand is not so white but the beach is beautiful and in the week can be deserted. The wind was up as you can see in the picture so it is a different but no less beautiful place to go and walk, chat or just be quiet.

Jumping around a bit here so to put the next pictures in context I will explain how they came about. My physio has two women who work with her and one of them is incredible at massaging. She also chats away and has a great sense of humour, life for her seems to be something to get on with and laugh about when possible. She told me, in the middle of a particularly strong massage so my responses were grunts mostly, that her daughters, twins, were dancing Thai Classical Dance at the big swish shopping mall nearby. She wanted me to go and take some pictures. What memories that brought back for an ex-performer who had suffered the pains of occasional shopping centre performing when finances required it. I went along hoping for the best and took pictures.  

Poor kids, they'd put them at the bottom of the escalators under changing coloured lights with for sale signs up in all the shops nearby. Changing rooms was in the store room round the corner and my heart went out to them dancing for four or five people who happened to wander by. Here are a couple of the photos.  

No her hair isn't green just the 'lovely' coloured lights playing tricks. They were beautiful young women but If I pull another picture back to show you the shops were not the best backdrop for their talents.   

Thai boxing is a hugely popular sport and lots of people go to the local gym and Thai boxing ring to train. They get to train with the local boxers some of whom are beginning to make names for themselves. Caucasians go and young children with their eye on a way to go up in the world. The serious boxers train five hours a day and I went and watched the afternoon training sessions. This is not easy to photograph and I needed to get up into the ring, obviously not to box but the ankle made that impossible then. I'm hoping to get back to the ring take closer pictures but here are a couple that I liked.  

Many different things make up modern Thailand and it is very easy to forget, because of the shiny modernity of the cities, that Thailand is a developing country. It has a culture that the visitor needs to understand and a lot of actions are rooted in Buddhism and tradition. I am slowly beginning to feel more at home here and I understand more.    

I hope you've enjoyed this blog and thank you for reading. 


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