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Walking Forward, Slowly

October 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Bangkok, a skyline that is extraordinary. As one drives over and under the snaking roads, the towering constructions of glass mix with payas and monasteries, the towers dwarfing the religious monuments. Commerce has triumphed. 

I was in Bangkok to get the updated news on my broken ankle from the surgeon who had seen me from admittance through surgery, to my final exit from hospital equipped with my purple crutches. The news wasn't great, four more weeks with my purple aids to walking. He doesn't mince words, no softening of the blow, facts are facts and that is the way it is. I like that approach, better to know exactly what is happening than someone trying to sweeten the message. So James and I left the hospital with me facing another month of confinement to home. Not happy. 

We decided on visiting a shopping mall as we were in the city of modern malls.

It was big, although probably not the biggest in Bangkok. I was beginning to flag after hobbling around the shops for what seemed like miles when a security guard took pity on me.

She told me  I could borrow a wheelchair. And I could and I did. It was a truly liberating experience. Okay I couldn't get into some of the shops but in the main, the floors were nice and flat and I was moving at a faster speed than I have for several weeks, aided of course by James who was pushing me. He wanted to do wheelies and wheel spins and we did have one sudden stop as he misjudged the distance in the lift but mostly the experience went smoothly including a visit to a hairdressers. Normally, I'm not keen on big malls but on this occasion zooming around on wheels it was huge fun.

Back at the hotel I had to take a couple of shots of the skyline. I tried a slow exposure securely holding the EX 1 against a wall.

And this next shot is a detail from this one

So now I have three more weeks to keep walking with the help of the crutches. Still learning stuff, and looking through my backlog of photos I have found some very nice portraits that, in the speed to get things to the client, I missed. That's not to say that I gave them bad shots, rather that my view of what is a good shot may have changed over time. So now I have a whole new range of pictures to work on. This so clearly shows me that likes and dislikes of images are entirely subjective.

I'm hoping to do some photos for a band who are working here and I'm looking forward to setting up flash, gels, soft boxes and feeling like a professional for an afternoon, rather slow moving but a photographer nonetheless.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the images.





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