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Mooring Boats and an Accident in Bangkok

September 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Three weeks ago I was out taking photos early in the morning and thought I'd take a look at the jetty just to see if anything was happening. As I arrived one boat was on its way to dock followed closely by fishing vessel number two. I moved close up to the second boat as it was about to moor and was thrilled to be exactly in front of the next rope to be thrown. Picture captured and I felt rather than heard the lorry that had backed up behind me. I moved fast, much to the amusement of the fishermen before I was shunted off the jetty. The picture was worth the effort.

One young fisherman stood alone holding the mooring rope.

I have added texture to both these pictures, both from a contributor to flickr known as skeletlemess, thank you to him for his great textures.

Having skidded around on jetties, stood on tilting ladders and, not least, ridden motorbikes large and small for the last 25 years, I have not broken any bones. The kerbs in Bangkok managed what tackling hair-pin bends never achieved, one badly broken ankle. I slipped on the road and my ankle went. A very kind man helped me off the concrete and, gathering my belongings and me into a taxi, took me to the nearest hospital. Thank you John Hawker for bearing with my yelling and moaning.

A few hours later and I had metal plates inserted in my ankle and I was installed in a hospital room for three days. The surgeon was excellent and after a visit from him and a bracing lecture on using crutches properly, not to be afraid of a little pain, hmmI took the following picture from my 15th floor window overlooking Bangkok at sunrise. I've added a texture to this one too. 

sunrise in Bangkoksunrise in Bangkokfrom my hospital room

Now I'm watching lots of videos about photography. Organizing my photos. Seeing some films. Beast of the Southern Wild - brilliant. Reading lots of books. Learning about composites. Doing meditation. Learning to walk again slowly, using my purple crutches with reflectors front and back, very useful if I ever want to hobble down the middle of the main road in the dark (at the moment I can manage to walk about 30ft). I'm three weeks into recovering and off to see the surgeon on Tuesday in Bangkok for a follow up. Hopefully he'll give me the confidence to walk even further.

James is doing a sterling job of fetching and carrying and I am trying to not get frustrated and use this time as constructively as possible. Portraits of James and friends and working on technique is proving invaluable. Creative Live had a week of free workshops online which was really good, I learnt a lot and was reminded of a lot that I've forgotten.

So that's my news. I hope you like the photos and thanks for reading the blog.


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