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Favourite Photos of 2013

December 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Durra in Covent Garden when we did his portfolio shoot  This image was caught with an off camera flash and me on the other side of the well taking the shot. A real favourite, 


Such a lovely visual concept for a performer. As you can see, it was very cold. I caught him in Trafalgar Square very early last year, I think, anyway this is a must include photo.  


Bagan Standing BuddhaBagan Standing Buddha A standing Buddha in the Ananda temple in Bagan. He has his hands pulling back the material of his clothes ready to travel.  Standing Buddhas are unusual. I've shown this picture to lots of people and so far not one of them has ever seen a standing Buddha. 


nuns in the marketnuns in the market These young nuns going through the market in Nyaungshwe collecting alms. I like the expression on the young nun's face, she's shy but she is also looking for where to ask for alms.


I can't leave out the temple dogs and the great work done by Josette to feed and inoculate the dogs and find them homes. I did a blog on this subject if you want to find more details, just go back through the years' blogs.


This was taken on the jetty in Hua Hin and I managed to get myself into the right place to catch this rope being thrown to moor the boat. What makes me smile is the tub in the background, these boats are certainly not pristine.


The upside and underside of Bangkok was again the case of having my camera with me all the time. I was in Bangkok for a meeting with some friends and late night in the hotel I saw this from the little balcony. I didn't know if I could get it but by jamming the camera up against the wall for stability, I managed a long exposure making it one of my favourite photographs.

So standing Buddha number 2. I have framed both of these Buddhas and I am so pleased with the results. This image is from the same temple, no more I promise. I am entranced by the images. The figures are made of wood and painted and stand about 10 metres tall so they are an overwhelming presence.


This picture of pilgrims praying at Wat Phra Doi Suthep just outside Chang Mai shows clearly the reverence with which a lot of people in Thailand hold their Buddhism. Although the temple is full of western tourists the buddhist visitors take the time to pray with no inhibition or embarrassment as the westerners take pictures and generally behave in a non-spiritual way. (Mea culpa, I was also taking pictures).


I can't leave James out of this set. He has to sit in for lighting set ups and lug gear around for me and recently has been doing pretty much everything since the accident. This portrait was done when I could only just stand and needed to take some shots. It came out pretty well and is one of my favourites of James.


And lastly a very early shot, early as in the morning and early as in when we had first arrived in Thailand. A novice chasing after the monk he was with, along the beach in Hua Hin at sunrise. I hope now that I'm walking again to be able to get back to some sun rise photographs.

It's been a good year for photographs even with the hiatus after my broken ankle. Looking back at these certainly there seem to be more pictures than I remember. The Fuji XE1, has made life so much less hassle. In most situations it takes as good and sometimes in my opinion better photos than when I am lugging the Nikon around. For portraits I am more comfortable with the Nikon but for lightness and lack of shoulder ache and less obvious 'photographer' status, the XE1 is remarkably good.

Happy New Year to everyone I know and let's hope that 2014 is more peaceful and that we can all have the time to have a little fun.



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