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Misc or Scattered or Varied

December 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Events in my personal life have caused a pause in my blogging. I've been taking photos but have not seemed to have the organisation skills necessary to choose pictures and link them together to create a story. Brain overload I believe it's called. So in desperation to get some information out there I have pulled together an assortment of pictures from the last month and I will post them here. 

Firstly Loy Krathong. A festival it is believed was originally celebrated to appease and to thank the water Goddess for taking fish from the water and using the river water for washing and cleaning. Now it is more aligned to Buddhist beliefs as a way of letting go of bad events from the previous year, bad characteristics which the individual wants to be rid of. 

​So the individual purchases or makes a Krathong or small boat ma​de of banana leaves and coconut tree base and decorated with flowers. Then a candle and some incense are pushed into the boat plus some hair and nail clippings from the individual and the Krathong is launched.  

Krathongs may be simple or ornate but they do essentially represent the act of letting go.  

I used both cameras, Fuji XE1 and Nikon D300s to take these images. I used an off camera flash with the Nikon and a very high ISO plus low shutter speed with the Fuji. For stability on the slow shutter I jammed the camera onto a rail. The Fuji doesn't seem to move when the picture is taken so as long as it's reasonably steady, slow shutter speeds are very possible. 

​Next come the kids. Out on the beach one day I saw these children and really wanted to be out there with them. The wind was up and the waves were crashing. They would wait for a huge wave to crash and then scramble back onto the rock for more. 

All these shots were taken with my walking about camera, the Fuji XE1.

There is a man, rather eccentric, locally who makes drinks and delivers them to shop workers and local people around the area near his small stall. This is my second go at taking a portrait of him and he is gradually getting used to me. I really like this character.  

Also taken with the Fuji. He will feature again for sure. Lastly, today is the King of Thailand's birthday and the lights are blazing in Hua Hin, home to his summer palace. 

These were on a slow shutter using a monopod for stability. They were taken with, yes you guessed, the Fuji.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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