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Band Pictures and Portraits with frames

March 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

The year before last, when we were here, Pete was just beginning with his band, the Hua Hin City Blues Band. I took some very rough shots then and last year I took more. Finally I did some portraits of Pete.  

He is a guitarist and loves the blues and the band has got tighter and more popular over the two years I've been photographing them.  

There have been changes of drummer but Pete and Flemming have remained.  

These shots are a mix. Some were taken on the Fuji with no flash and some on the Nikon D300s with off camera flash. It's a difficult situation to take photos in because I am very visible in the restaurant and I don't want to get between the band and the customers' enjoyment. So it's a bit of a 'run and grab' situation.  

This next shot we took to make up a flyer for the new lineup. Not easy to take portraits while a whole restaurant is waiting for the band to start playing again.  


The framing of these photos are from onOne Perfect Effects 8 which offers an extensive range. They seem to suit this sort of image very well. Fading out at the edges or bleaching in the corners, slightly smudged effects. I have used different frames for different pictures but I'm pleased with the results. 

Pete came over to our home when I was just back on my feet again so I could get my hand back in at doing some portrait shots, he was patient as hell as I was not exactly rushing around and the session was nowhere near as relaxed as I'd have liked it to be. Still we got some pictures, it helps that he's a good looking man and easy to photograph. Again the framing is from onOne Perfect Effects 8. A different look which suited the picture. This was the D300s with a big soft box to my right and a blue gelled flash diagonally behind him.  


Another picture another frame but I like the variety that they give the images. I was trying out the blue gel and it's not quite what I was after as an effect but overall the picture works for me. 

Finally another image from the music side of Pete's life, moody for the blues, black and white seem like the way to go for the music images or very desaturated which gives a feeling that is more subtle than colour in all it's crispness. 

What do they say, keep doing what you do. That's what I've tried to do all through this very frustrating period of my life. And as to photography, take the camera with you everywhere you go. That is exactly what I do because I never know when a picture might crop up that will catch my eye.  

We have a trip booked for Burma, leaving tomorrow just six days to see how the ankle holds up when I don't have a home to run to. I'm hoping to take more pictures in the temples in Bagan and also get out into the surrounding countryside and show some of the rural life there.   A big thank you to Pete and as always to James for bearing with my moods.  

Thank you for reading.


Like your new style Patty. Borders on the images look cool.
Did you move to XE1 ? :)

Nice work :)
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