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All Things to do with Worship

April 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We went on a small adventure, James and I. Not very far but going to look at the Wats (monasteries) around the back of Hua Hin. It has the elements of danger that an adventure require. Wild dogs wander around all areas of Thailand and the temples take in dogs that are left there. On the back roads it is not unusual to encounter these wild animals, dumped for various reasons, and they are not always friendly. Plus the heat, it is summer here which means temperatures of 30C to 40C, we've been averaging about 36C. Dehydration is always a consideration and so are the many and varied insects and the occasional snake or monkey. So any journey into the relative unknown has to take these possibilities into account. Plus climbing up too high on my feet is limited, not the going up but on descent my ankle is still not that strong and gets tired and painful if I push it too much.  

We found one Wat, it was shut and the people, monks and women were eating so we left them too their food and followed a road up, up, up and found this.  

So beautiful this tiny Wat in the hills. One semi-dressed monk spied us and hurriedly disappeared so we were  left to the quiet and peace of this tiny place up in the hills. One stupa which possibly contains revered remains and one definite tomb which seemed to have been put up for a now deceased army man. We wandered around and it was totally calm and quiet up there.  

We found some objects which I assume people have brought as gifts or are sometimes used for incense, I really don't know but as a collection they were beautiful in their own way.  


And as we were leaving there was a shrine.    

The figure is Lord Brahma who I had always ascribed to the Hindu religion but I know now to also be revered in the Buddhist tradition, particularly in Thailand. I advise you to look up  Buddhism and Lord Brahma to find out more detail if you are interested in these anomalies. It's not surprising that the different beliefs cross over but it is surprising to find these other images, especially up a hill in the back of nowhere. Such a calm adventure, I hope to make many more around and about.  

Technically speaking I was using only the Fuji XE1. The light was so harsh that I had the shutter as fast as it will go so that I could keep the aperture reasonably wide. It is not great to take photos in this harsh light but going up the hill at sunset means circumnavigating the dogs which I'd prefer to avoid. Therefore Lightroom 5 helps me out a lot to post process the light and try and soften it a little.   

That's it. I'm hoping to do a portrait session soon, but we are off to visit more of the off the main road places and hopefully I'll be getting some more of rural Thailand soon.   

Thanks for reading.


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