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Marketing my Prints

July 06, 2014  •  1 Comment

Here in Hua Hin I am finally learning the mysteries of internet marketing. The truth is that the word marketing itself is enough to send me into fits. I don't like selling, I don't like being sold to, I don't want to do it, I'm not a salesperson. I don't know how to, I'm scared, people won't like me and the last clincher, it won't work for me. As if, out of all the people in the world who advertise, my attempt will not be successful, will in fact fail.

So James Murphy of http://vubbu.com  offered to help as a friend. He had some time on his hands and would rather be working on something than not, an ethos I was very happy to agree with. I am also grateful for the slack period in his work schedule. 

I have come to this with such bad grace that I sometimes wonder if I can make the laws of probability work against me through plain old stubbornness. The point is that every time Jim suggested something to me my immediate response was 'no'. I would then progress to mumbling 'okay I'll try that', and when it worked I was amazed, as if some new wonder of the world had been revealed to me.

I began by promising to tweet a picture every day, well, I tweeted when I could face putting more pictures out so every two or three days was the norm. Also he told me to get a stat counter so I could see my website visitor numbers and if they improved. Which they did, almost immediately. Then of course there was the Facebook page that I'd created about a year ago and didn't want to publish. Plus he told me to get onto Pinterest and start looking for people who were interested in the subjects that I had photographed. We were going to put a banner across the whole lot which would unify my 'brand'. I was nearly crying by then, 'it's not a brand, it's photography. It's my own personal look at the world'. 'Yes, and you want people to find your own personal view of the world and maybe buy some prints so how are they going to do that unless you are actually out there in places that are popular'.  Hmm. 

So, very slowly we moved forward. Until finally I asked him if he could create a logo for me. After a couple of tries and looking at other photographers' logos, particularly the people I like and respect, he came up with one. Simple black and white.

Here it is 


You'll see this on every page I use on the internet. Plus using one of my pictures and after a discussion on how it should look, and then some serious magic from Jim, it was added as a background for various size banners which have gone onto all my pages. The banner is on my Facebook page PJwebbphoto and on tumbler pjwebbphoto.tumblr.com and on twitter @pattij

I'm feeling stressed just talking about this, and that is how I felt when the task was explained at the beginning. Too many different strands for me to take in. But now, having added the banner or logo to the different pages and websites, I have to admit that it is working. The numbers are considerably up on my Zenfolio site, people who  haven't been in touch with me for a long time are liking my photos on the Facebook page and, I hope, coming here.  And, I am finally looking at Pinterest and searching for people who like the sort of shots I take. This last has taken me three months to get to. As I say, my progress is slow. And Jim has been patient. His way has been to make the suggestion and then walk away and let me think about it. Probably to avoid any argument. After some time I've realised he's right.  Here I must thank James Murphy, his official name, for all his help to get this going. Also his skill at marketing and logo and banner creation which was what was needed. And of course the fact that he never shouted and given the strength of my resistance that is quite remarkable.

I now have two collections of photos which are for sale as prints on this site. These are some of the classic shots taken while travelling and one or two London and bike photos. Currently I am working on giving a little history to each photo which will be sent with the print. I will personally supervise the printing so that the colour is correct. Then the prints can be sent out worldwide. You will need to register on the site and payment is through Paypal at the moment. It is a very simple method that I hope will suit everyone.

The next project may well be a book about the Asian travels with stories and photographs written by me and edited by James, James Morrow that is. 

Phew, so many words and so few photographs.That needs to be remedied so here is one of the pictures that is for sale.

Cafe Racer at the Ace Cafe Thanks as always for reading and once again a big thank you to James Murphy at http://vubbu.com for all the help.



James Morrow(non-registered)
A wonderful photo. It could be out of the 60s (?) as I think it is a Norton 650 (or Triton). The pudding basin helmet, clip-ons and the air of a cafe racer. All reminds me of my BSA Thunderbolt in the early 70s
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