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A Proper Fight

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have taken a lot of photos of Thai boxing training, to get my eye in, to learn the moves and to get up to speed. This week I got to a fight night at the gym I've been following and it turned out that the speed part of my practice wasn't much use. The tempo of the fighting was at least three times the speed of training. Plus I couldn't use flash, although I noticed several mobiles with lights on as they videoed.  Am I complaining, not really, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a fighter losing his (they were all males) focus and getting injured because of me.  I was balanced on the corner of the boxing ring while James stood on the floor below to prevent me from stepping back into mid-air if the fighters slammed into the rope I was shooting over and I panicked.

First came the boys. The before fight ritual. There was some praying, showing respect.



Then the fighting...  

fighting-1.jpgfighting-1.jpg Here's the referee so you can see how small these boys were,

fighting-2.jpgfighting-2.jpg And the young men. The action is so fast that my eye could hardly keep up. Fortunately my finger was ready to press the button and all that watching training had paid off. I got into the rhythm of the fight which I believe is the result of watching the moves repeated in training.


The noise was tremendous because down on my left the betting was going on. Every kick or blow that was landed was greeted with an enormous roar. People  were adjusting their bets according to every move the fighters were making.  

betting-11.jpgbetting-11.jpg betting-12.jpgbetting-12.jpg

I was using the Nikon. The shutter speed was as low as I could hand hold and the aperture wide open. ISO up high. In short I was trying to get as much light as I could into the camera. The room was spot lit from above the ring so the light came and went. Not ideal, but then what is unless you are in control of the lights in a studio and even then the electricity could fail.

The blow before and the knockout blow.  

fighting-6.jpgfighting-6.jpg fighting-7.jpgfighting-7.jpg The victor.  

fighting-8.jpgfighting-8.jpg The loser was still being checked over on the floor. He was all right a few minutes later.

One spectacular move.   

fighting-5.jpgfighting-5.jpg And one quiet moment with the trainer

fighting-3.jpgfighting-3.jpg Good night and thanks for reading



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