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When Life is About Moving and Other Things

May 23, 2015  •  1 Comment

When boxes are the primary image in one's brain there really isn't much room for other ideas, visual, imaginative or anything.

We have many boxes, plastic crates, the normal cardboard variety, the one above which contained all the mail we'd received over the two years we were away. Because we are now in a quiet patch, the difficult time between the initial rush of selling a property and buying another as questions are flying between lawyers I have some brain space to spare and time to put together a blog.

​I have been getting to know London again. The architecture in this crowded city is so varied. I've picked out a few examples, all buildings that I see regularly on my route in and out of central London. The first is a shot of the Coliseum in St Martins Lane, the 'other' opera house which has in the past consistently pushed the boundaries of opera presentation. Plus the tickets are cheaper than the Opera House.  This picture was taken with my iPhone, edited on the Pad and finally transferred to the computer in order to add into the other blog shots.


I'm learning loads of different techniques. I use a combination of apps. Snapseed, Lightroom mobile and Photoshop touch. I've been learning how to use them and what works for me and the different ways of editing. I like this way of working and that it can be done on the move but I do love a big screen. At home I've finally hooked up my laptop to an oldish screen that a few years ago used to be attached  to a pc. 

Next to Baker Street tube station is a 1930's building that was being gutted when we left for Thailand. The clock tower was left while the rest was gutted and some of it demolished. It's not easy to get a decent sight line of this, I took several shots on the phone and then took a few with the Fuji, in this case the Fuji shop was by far the clearest which is what is needed for these lines. Then edited in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.


My phone is full of buildings and gardens which I will post at some point, I need to get this blog out, but I love the range of styles and design. This city is full of sights that please me if I take the time to notice.

Changing subjects completely, I have been also going through some pictures from Hua Hin that were never put out anywhere. This next shot is of the army beach, west of Hua Hin, at sunset. It was simply beautiful light. I miss the fact that twilight is between 5.45 and the sun has set by 6.30, every day. Not so in England.

For a deserted beach there was a lot of diverse activity happening here. A wedding couple on the right, having their photos taken. Clam diggers on the left who had been working for the whole time we were walking on the beach. A typical bike with side cart which I presume belongs to the clam diggers.

The photo below is further up the beach on the same evening and is an image which may explain why I like this place. It is so peaceful and a perfect place for an evening walk, quiet with only a few people around and the sea rolling onto the sand.

Finally a complete change from everything that has come before. Our first rose of the year was a beauty. It was hanging down sadly so I cut it and brought it in to brighten and scent our room.  

Natural light, on the Fuji, taken in the light from the window.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I will try and post again soon but we are still trying to sort out our move. Please check in, I have lots of photos just not that much time to do the work on them. Thanks for reading.



Marie louise(non-registered)
Lovely to read about your life in boxes and your photoes from London and Soan Song. Hope to see you at the Coffeeshop in dec. Love from Lolo in Stockholm
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