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London in Many Parts (Section 1)

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm still here in London and, if I'm honest, enjoying these weeks. Okay the plans are upset and the stress has been horrible but I've been rediscovering my city. With no motorbikes at the moment (note the 'at the moment'), we have been walking, using the bus and tube but not yet bicycling. Although I am tempted. 

So, beautiful Regents Park is not far from where we live. We had heard that a friend was training at trapeze there and after finding out where it was we went looking for the rig so that I could make some decisions about camera and lens. Not a huge decision really as my long lens is in back in Hua Hin, one big mistake leaving it there, but I had a couple of choices. I did wonder if the Fuji would manage it but the shutter was just not fast enough for the movement. It caught some shots but I wasn't as comfortable with it as I am with the Nikon for fast action.

We walked through the very busy Sunday filled park and caught this group of people dancing, really dancing to music in the sunshine.

trapeze-1trapeze-1 Round the corner and on the water was a moor hen sitting on the nest. Such a contrast within 200 yards from the packed lawns to the bridge with the water flowing below us and the bird ignoring everyone except encroaching ducks.


And so we found ourselves in a part of this grand London park in which we had never been. We are mostly, rose garden tourists and visitors to the inner circle. This was west and slightly off the tourist trail. It felt much more like a local park. Runners and dog walkers and wild grasses were replaced by formal plantings and then around the corner unexpectedly was the trapeze. The Fuji was the camera I had with me so against the sun and at the best angle I could manage I took some pictures. I like this one simply for the sense of height and for me the strangeness of this rig on the edge of the park. These alien super beings, flying above us lowly humans.


People sat around on the grass, entertained as beginners and less beginners flew through the air. It was certainly a spectacle and I would suppose has become a regular stopping point for walkers in the park to watch and admire. On that day I was disappointed with most of the photos and I arranged to go back the following day with the Nikon and with permission to go inside the fencing I was hoping to get better pictures.

Out of the park, we were set for the bus when we saw steps going down to the canal and realised we could walk alongside the water from there  to Lisson Grove and board our preferred 139. A small adventure, somewhere neither of us had ever been. So down we went.  

As with all good adventures first there was a gateway the hero had to pass through.




Then a path, overhung with trees alongside the river, substitute canal for river and we were on a quest. 


So we followed the path until we arrived at the community of canal boats and long boats where their horticultural skills abounded. Amazing flowers and further along the towpath a fantastical arrangement of cacti growing up the wall.

canal-3canal-3 canal-4canal-4

The canal has always seemed to me to be a secret magical place where monsters may lurk and heroes will appear to defeat the dark forces.

The next day was not the sunniest, better for me, I thought, to capture people flying through the air. With my Nikon on my back I went back to Regents Park and the rig which was and is there courtesy of Gorilla Circus.http://www.gorillacircus.com  Watching people fly had its own thrill. Apparently weightless until they tumbled into the net, the sight was glorious. Bodies silhouetted against the clouds and sky created pictures which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did while I was taking them.

trapeze-1trapeze-1  The flyer was Hortense who teaches yoga and was there practicing her trapeze skills. And skill she has without any doubt.

trapeze-2trapeze-2 Against the cloud everything she did was highlighted and the more remarkable for the fact that this is not her primary skill. It is something she is doing because she loves it. If you want to see more of her yoga then look for http://instagram.com/yogaflux and see her yoga pictures. Extraordinary. And below the best shot of that day.

trapeze-3trapeze-3 So that is the end of part one. Keep an eye on my feed and part two will be here very soon.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photographs. 




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