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On the Move Again

August 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

So the birds have flown. Far away from the city that I have lived in since I was 12 years old.

All our stuff was packed in one day, and a few more we spent, sort of, fiddling at packing. We had boxes, I never want to see that amount of boxes ever again. And the flat was empty.

St Leonards-2St Leonards-2

St Leonards-3St Leonards-3 Our time of leaving.

Then we got in a car with three suitcases and a couple of the hated boxes, with a kettle and coffee and a couple of plates and we were off. Through central London because I hate the North circular and the M25 and also because we could wave goodbye to our city as we left. Past MI5 on the river and moving at about the same pace as the commuters were walking. The cyclists were going at three times the speed we could manage.

St Leonards-5St Leonards-5

We had a map. And I was navigating.

St Leonards-4St Leonards-4 And we followed the route that I chose which meant we had to go back to the Elephant and Castle because they closed the road on me. It meant I could say goodbye to the area I lived in for 23 years, and got incredibly drunk in for 20 of them. And then I stopped drinking and all my neighbours breathed a sigh of relief. And I suddenly noticed that there were other people living around me. 

​So off down the Old Kent Road and onwards we went. My route was impeccable and we arrived in St Leonards with only a few doubts from me that I'd got it right. 

To the Royal Victoria Hotel. Because we were now officially homeless and all our possessions were in a lorry somewhere in North West London. We did have a kettle.

St Leonards-1St Leonards-1

 We're officially moved now. And we did move into our new flat but I don't want to take pictures of it with the boxes still around. Here's the pier instead, on two different days and in two moods. The pier is being rebuilt, remarkably quickly as I see it, so one day soon I will be able to wander along it and take photographs of the people who enjoy walking the pier.

St Leonards-1St Leonards-1

Well not so much of the pier, more the beach and the sun, but in the background...

And with the clouds

St Leonards-2St Leonards-2

Au revoir London, I will be back frequently to visit. A last memory was a couple of days before we left I caught these two very classy characters who were waiting outside their home, I hope someone let them in.

St Leonards-1St Leonards-1

Thanks for reading. I owe you another London blog which got lost in the packing but I haven't forgotten.






Beautiful story to accompany the pics :) Loved and enjoyed going through the journey.
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